Monday, May 7, 2012

How to make E85 - The E-Book

How to make gasoline

  Let me guess, you're going from station to station looking for cheap gas prices. Why do that when you can now make your own alt fuels at home and save hundreds of dollars. How much is a gallon of gas nowadays where you stay? Well for only $2.99 you can own a copy of the book "Gas Money" and learn how to make gas at home. There are hundreds of people doing it and they're saving good money.  
  So you want to learn how to make E85. Well it's not hard. I will run you through the basics (if you want more detail about making E85 please consider purchasing "Gas Money" which will also show you how to make Gasohol, Bio-Diesel, and Hydrogen Cells so you can run your car on water). Ethanol is an alcohol made from sugar. You can use fruit, syrup, or processed sugar. You will need a still to brew your fuel. Your brew should consist of water, yeast, and your sugar mix. Let it ferment in warm spot for about a week or two. Run your mix through the still and wallah! You have Ethanol. E85 is a mixture of 85% Ethanol and 15% Gasoline. Just add a quarter of gasoline to your ethanol and it's E85 add more gasoline and it becomes Gasohol. For more detail go to and check out "Gas Money". Order this book for only $9.99 or you can download a copy instantly for on $2.99 why wait when you could be saving money right now.
How to make Gasoline


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