Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The advantages of having a hydrogen cell

How to make Gasoline

How to run your car on water!

You need to get in on the latest craze. People are saving hundreds of dollars on fuel expenses because they are buying or they are making hydrogen cells at home. Hydrogen cell separate the hydrogen from the oxygen that is in the water so that you can use it to fuel your car. You can get a hydrogen cell for only a couple hundred dollars or you can make one yourself. It take some practice but with the right now how you can make a hydrogen cell very easily and keep from damaging your car. There are other fuels that you can easily make at home as well. Learn how to make E85, Gasohol, and Diesel all at home. So If your interested in learning how to make gasoline at home the easy way, go to http://www.1dollar4gas.webs.com and check out "Gas Money" and start making your own fuel today

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